Catex voted Best Technology Provider by the readers of Intelligent Insurer


Catex voted Best Technology Provider by the readers of Intelligent Insurer

Catex claimed the title of Best Technology Provider at Intelligent Insurer’s Global Awards event held in Monte Carlo on September 8, 2013.

Intelligent Insurer’s in-house research team spent six months interviewing industry executives and gathering data from thousands of online responses. In total 1,103 full interviews or surveys were completed. The research team collected qualitative and quantitative data to establish which companies are regarded highly and what qualities have been critical to their long-term success.

Formed in 1994 as a reinsurance risk exchange, the company began its search for more efficient reinsurance and insurance premium and claims processing. The Pivot Point Transaction System 1.0 was the company’s first product to replicate and streamline the entire reinsurance transaction, in a 100 percent web-based environment.

Praised for its responsiveness and innovation, CATEX comes highly regarded among industry professionals.

“As technology continues to become a vital part of the industry, efficient products, good client service and reliability are vital. CATEX provides all three,” said one survey respondent.

CATEX now operates dozens of reinsurance and commercial insurance systems globally, processing in excess of $4 billion annually in premium and claims. It is licenced by the New York Insurance Department as a reinsurance intermediary that acts in a neutral capacity.

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