Liberty Mutual partners with medical insurer


Liberty International Underwriters, a division of Liberty Mutual Insurance, has entered into a strategic alliance with NJ PURE, a New Jersey-based not-for-profit medical malpractice insurer. 

 This partnership includes a 50 percent quota share agreement, meaning Boston-based Liberty Mutual Group assumes 50 percent of NJ PURE's claim risks.

“Our policyholders now have the additional comfort of knowing that NJ PURE’s policies are backed by Liberty Mutual, a financially strong, A-rated global insurer,” said Eric Poe, chief litigation and marketing officer of NJ PURE. “This underscores NJ PURE’s reputation as a physician advocate. We believe Liberty Mutual’s commitment to us is a testament to our business model and long term viability.”

Carl Pursiano, SVP and CUO of US Specialty Casualty for Liberty International Underwriters, specialty lines division, Liberty Mutual Insurance said: “We look forward to working with NJ PURE and its high quality management team.”

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