Best Reinsurer for Innovation (GWP of more than $2bn) winner: Swiss Re


Receiving a top score of 7.40 Swiss Re, the world’s second largest reinsurer, took first place for best reinsurer for innovation with a GWP of more than $2 billion, closely followed by Hannover Re.

Swiss Re received praise for its innovation and was commended on its ability to always find a solution. One respondent commended Swiss Re on “its approach to problems that clients have, its ability to come up with the right solutions and the fact that it very rarely turns down an opportunity to see if it can come up with a solution”.

Many respondents praised Swiss Re for its readiness to discuss new approaches and its creativity in applying unique solutions. It was commended on its willingness to structure deals to meet clients’ needs and its ability to tailor products.

Swiss Re was also praised on its history of innovation with its developments over the past few years being received well by the market.

Intelligent Insurer Global Awards 2014, Best Reinsurer for Innovation (GWP of more than $2bn), Swiss Re

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