Insuring the gig economy - who is up for it?


Christian Wuestner

Insuring the gig economy - who is up for it?

Panel discussion at Insurtech Insights 2018 conference

Traditional insurers are struggling to offer appropriate insurance products that address the particular needs of the sharing and gig economies, according to experts at a 2018 Insurtech Insights conference panel discussion on June 19 and 20 in London.

As companies like ride-hailing app Uber or short-term lodging platform Airbnb are expanding fast and other enterprises with similar market approaches are expected to join them, traditional insurers and start-ups are experimenting with technology to make cover available to this growing business segment.

Referring to Uber, Airbnb and freelancing platform Upwork, Stephan Muecke, member of the Swiss Re Principal Investments team, says that “there is a huge untapped demand for insurance coverage for the services and assets that are private. Start-ups are trying to fill the gap because the incumbent insurers have been slow to adapt to this new type of economy.”

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