The best laid plans


The best laid plans

As it approaches its second birthday, reinsurance broker Capsicum Re is poised to emerge from its building phase and start moving into the general market, Rupert Swallow, chief executive officer of Capsicum Re, tells Intelligent Insurer.

Two years after it was founded, reinsurance broker Capsicum Re is on the point of moving on to the next phase in its development, according to chief executive officer Rupert Swallow.

Capsicum Re was founded in October 2013 by Swallow and industry veteran and former CEO of Benfield, Grahame Chilton, better known in the market as ‘Chily’ Chilton.

“In some respects it was serendipity—the right people being in the right place at the right time,” Swallow says. “Chily and I had been business partners for more than 15 years and over the last six or seven I’d been running a business with him as both my business partner and my client. We’d invested in a number of interesting opportunities, but our most successful investments had always been in the insurance-related sector.

Rupert Swallow, Capsicum Re, London, Europe

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