AltViz makes intelligent automation simple, helping companies access, analyse and act on data to improve business performance. The London-based company’s Intelligent Automation Platform combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and cloud technologies into configurable components. It connects siloed data, people and processes across the enterprise to inform and scale complex operational processes.

Sector: General

AltViz begins by ingesting structured and unstructured data, including voice, image and text, before analysing it using a range of data science techniques. The insight gained is then combined with specific business rules to drive actions.

AltViz’s platform is being used in a variety of ways to help companies grow revenue, increase efficiency, improve customer experience and ensure compliance, including to reduce insurance claim risk and increase customer satisfaction by monitoring voice calls to determine when a significant loss is notified and update the reserves automatically.

It has also helped companies increase average sales 295 percent through digital catalogue management optimisation and automated listing recommendations, and decrease order processing times by 90 minutes and improve future demand planning.

The company, founded in 2012, focuses on the insurance and fast-moving consumer goods sectors where it sees AI being able to transform how companies are doing business and deliver tangible benefits to the bottom line.

Headquarters: London, UK  

Founded: 2012  


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