Ambiental Risk Analytics

Ambiental Risk Analytics

Ambiental combines advanced flood modelling, predictive analytics, machine learning and intellectual skills to give organisations the critical insight they need into flood risk. We enable Insurers, governments, corporations and utilities to make accurate and measurable assessments for flood risk management.

Ambiental Risk Analytics
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Ambiental is a global specialist in flood exposure modelling, natural hazard mapping, catastrophe modelling and pre-/post-event response systems. We produce digital mapping products, databases, cat models, flood forecasting products and environmental reports internationally. Ambiental also conducts both rapid assessments and in-depth research that support better decision-making around flood risk management.

Using complex data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and highly scalable modelling algorithms created in-house, we quickly develop and customise flood data and models to answer specific questions. This helps our clients be far more agile and responsive, whether they need to price flood risk insurance premiums and estimate financial losses more accurately, decide which flood risk reduction strategies to prioritise or how to alter designs to mitigate flood risk. Our clients range from national / international (re)insurance companies, The World Bank, utilities, major insurance brokers and multinational businesses to property developers and home owners.

Some of our Products:

Our highly accurate, customisable flood maps are used by insurers, government agencies, property developers and emergency response services to visualise, assess and understand potential flood risk. Using our proprietary software Flowroute-iTM, alongside high-quality topographical data and ground surface information, we generate flood maps or flood risk datasets for multiple territories around the world.

FloodScore provides property-level flood risk scores, Average Annual Loss (AAL) values, and related information in a highly convenient, easy-to-consume and flexible fashion. The product is available through an online server, via API, as a full or partial database and as spatial GIS layers. FloodScore is designed to provide quick, accurate and cost effective screening of the flood risks to individual properties or to entire property portfolios.

Our flexible, open flood catastrophe models are designed to give (re)insurers and risk managers precise data about their overall exposure in the event of catastrophic floods. By linking our detailed hazard maps with robust probabilistic event sets, our property-level cat models enable decision makers to rapidly assess portfolio-wide risk with much greater confidence so as to make better decisions around capital allocation.

Our unique, future-facing predictive flood model considers nine possible future climate change scenarios across the UK between 2020 and 2080. It helps a range of end users such as: insurers, utility companies, local authorities, infrastructure managers and commercial developers understand and plan for long-term flood risk. The model can be used to structure specialist, multi-year insurance programs, and estimate future flood losses over time, at a very granular level, and identify which specific catchments are most sensitive to climate change induced flood risk over the near, medium and longer term.


Flood modelling
catastrophe modelling
predictive analytics
artificial intelligence
disaster risk assessment
climate change adaptation

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We help our valued (re)insurance clients to write greater volumes of more predictable business, improve loss ratios, reduce risk and maximise shareholder value. We do this by reducing uncertainty and inefficiencies in flood underwriting and loss estimation, whilst enabling improved incident response to save lives and property. We do this by reducing uncertainty and inefficiencies in flood underwriting and loss estimation, whilst enabling improved incident response to save lives and property. Our products have been developed using advanced, proprietary modelling algorithms and the best available input data - providing unique insights and data which are customisable to align directly with our clients’ business processes and risk appetite. Our innovative software and methodologies are also used to create business opportunities in unmodeled perils / territories, often performing with around 85% accuracy.

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