Anivo was founded in 2015 in Zurich, with the aim of meeting the market need for high transparency on insurance products and prices in combination with individual advice. The company supports customers with its technology platform to develop innovative insurance products in the shortest possible time, introduce them to the market and distribute them highly efficient.

Sector: General 

The offering is aimed at insurance companies, banks, telecommunications providers and ecosystems in areas including housing and mobility.    

There are three pillars to Anivo’s business—its online insurance offering, its employee benefit programmes and its technological insurance platform.

Anivo’s capabilities include Product Factory, which develops new insurance products together with the involved project partners, its software-as-a-service Platform Factory, for the implementation and international roll-out of complex insurance products, and Operations Factory, which includes customer consulting and sales.

Its Bancassurance solution enables banks to expand their service portfolio with innovative insurance products close to their core business and make it more attractive at the lowest possible cost. In addition, with the AnivoCore distribution platform, established insurance companies can place new insurance products on the market within a few weeks.

Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland 

Founded: 2015


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