ATOM Digital Solutions

ATOM Digital Solutions

Founded in 2019, ATOM was formed to create a simple interface to manage the entire insurance transaction chain. Based in Dubai, ATOM is an end-to-end underwriting, e-commerce, data analysis, claims management and accounting solution offering an integrated and open platform to insurers, brokers and managing agents supporting their transition to a fully digital experience.

Sector: General

According to the company, ATOM allows customers to dramatically improve performance: risk analysis is conducted with an unprecedented level of data granularity; operational expenses are drastically reduced; errors introduced in manual paper processes are eliminated.  

Insurers can manage their own insurance business on ATOM, or work in partnership with other insurers to make joint offers and achieve economies of scale and/or benefit from certain underwriting expertise.

ATOM has a number of modules including the management of the “delegation of authority” contracts, designed to follow the financial position of every participant on the platform, and a “quotation and policy management” module which manages the full underwriting process of all types of insurance contracts.

The flow from underwriting to accounting entries is seamless and ledgers are automatically updated. Online reporting tools allow platform participants to follow in detail their financial position in real time, while the “claims management” application integrates reclamations, compliance checks and collection from members and payment to claimants.

ATOM can either be installed as an “all-in-one” product on premise, offered as a platform as a service; or deployed in a flexible manner and integrated into the existing systems of customers, offering targeted data.

Headquarters: Dubai, United Arab Emirates  

Founded: 2019 


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