Blockchain powered insurance solutions. Blockchain empowers decentralised agreement, immutable transactions with audit history, smart contracts, high resilience and built in fraud protection mechanisms.

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Ranvir Saggu, Chief Executive Officer -
Peter Temperley, Chief Product Officer -

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Blockchains have proven that money and information can be shared across a value chain, cheaply and without the need for a central "trusted" intermediary. This unparalleled efficiency, simplicity and resilience has since been built on to allow the sharing of everything from money to fraud resistant identity and verified across a global network in real-time.

We aim to be part of the future of insurance and help drive the transition that will see more and more business transacted in the blockchain ecosystem. Blocksure is a proud member of Acord. The Acord standards are essential to ensure efficient communication and interopability. Blocksure OS takes full advantage of these.


Blocksure has developed a proof of concept insurance operating system built on blockchain technology. It is a full cycle insurance sales, administration and claims platform. Blocksure OS demonstrates how blockchain technology can be deployed to improve a customer’s experience when buying insurance and make it easier for brokers and insurers to interact.



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