Concirrus, a London-based company formed in 2012, is the creator of Quest, a big data analytics platform designed to improve insight into risk for the marine and motor insurance market. Quest is the only behaviour-based analytics tool used across the entire risk transfer market, from risk to capital, according to the company.

Sector: Marine, Motor

Utilising the cloud, Quest aggregates and interprets vast amounts of marine and motor data received from vessels/vehicles and other high-quality industry partners. Once collected, it applies machine learning algorithms to segment and draw trends which can inform actuaries and underwriters.

By incorporating Quest, insurers achieve a more accurate understanding of their current portfolio and potential new client accounts, enabling them to target capital at the most profitable opportunities. This directly impacts loss ratios, allowing companies to develop new products, increase profit margins and build a more collaborative relationship with brokers and customers.

Headquarters: London, UK

Founded: 2012


Intelligent Insurer