eviid is the transformative, evidential video reporting tool that allows claims professionals and individuals on and off site to capture, validate, share and access video and other media quickly and easily. Users are enabled to share information, direct from their location, in a single, tamper-proof package.

Sector: General

Its patent-protected technology turns video and photos captured on smart devices into reliable, verifiable evidence that is suitable for use in court proceedings, claims management and compliance cases.

Underpinning every part of eviid’s business is absolute data security, with some of biggest names in insurance, facilities management, security and infrastructure trusting the UK-based company to handle more than 125,000 media items every month.

eviid offers a fully secure, enterprise-scalable solution for organisations that need video to be validated as evidence in commercial or legal cases. The company’s video handling capability enables remote staff to authenticate and securely share evidential video in-situ—transforming the gathering, distribution and assessment of case-critical evidence.

Headquarters: Warrington, UK

Founded: 2009

Website: www.eviid.com

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