GoBear is a Singapore-based financial supermarket with the purpose of improving the financial health of its users. It believes that financial health leads to secure, stable, and sustainable communities across Asia, which is why GoBear makes it its mission to improve user financial health by making financial literacy, financial inclusion, and financial security attainable for everyone. GoBear empowers consumers with the know-how, tools and financial products to meet their needs.

Sector: General

Its data and insights mean it can build better products, better assess and price risk, work with partners to improve access to financial products, and identify consumer knowledge gaps.

To date, GoBear has secured $80 million in total funding and launched a mobile app called Easy Apply that enables underserved but creditworthy consumers in four emerging markets to make direct applications for financial products, which are then automatically supplemented by alternative credit scores.   

Having established in Singapore in early 2015, GoBear is now in seven countries: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. To date, it has served more than 40 million users searching for more than 1,800 personal finance products.

Headquarters: Singapore

Founded: 2014

Website: www.gobear.com

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