MAPTYCS is an advanced data analytics and visualisation solution that addresses the need of risk managers and insurance professionals for detailed risk analysis, real-time weather events monitoring, technical underwriting and risk transfer negotiation.

Sector: General, Property

Based in New York, the platform combines expertise from risk and insurance professionals with big data technology and a proprietary full cloud-based Geographic Information System (GIS) to deliver powerful capabilities and a user-friendly interface.

Users can visualise their property assets against natural catastrophe maps, filter any internal and external data for in-depth risk analysis and visualise and calculate accumulations of values on a selected radius.

They can also monitor real time severe weather events as they unfold to project losses, proactively mitigate potential damages and manage emergency planning and business continuity. Users can create interactive analytics reports to more effectively define the company risk retention, mitigation and transfer strategies, communicate with stakeholders and negotiate risk transfer programmes in the insurance and reinsurance markets.

Headquarters: New York City, NY, US

Founded: 2015


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