Metromile, a San Francisco-based company formed in 2011, offers telematics-powered car insurance. The company claims it educated and pioneered the use of telematics technology among consumers and insurance carriers, as all Metromile policyholders use a Metromile Pulse device.

Sector: Motor

Metromile Pulse enables substantial savings in premiums for policyholders and empowers drivers to turn their car into a “smart” car (regardless of make or model) with real-time vehicle diagnoses, street-sweeping alerts, trip and gas planners, and vehicle location and recovery.

Metromile has also built the an artificial intelligence-powered automated customer and claims platforms, called AVA. AVA verifies insurance claims in seconds, connects and schedules policyholders with repairs, and can make instant claim approvals and claim payments.

Using the more than 2 billion miles of actual driving behaviour data provided by Metromile Pulse sensor data, AVA can reconstruct accident scenes and analyse crash events to instantly determine if claim details are accurate and reduce insurance fraud. Law enforcement uses AVA to assist in identifying hit-and-run incidents, prosecuting insurance fraud, and recovering stolen vehicles.

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, US

Founded: 2011


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