omni:us is an artificial intelligence as a service (AIaaS) provider for cognitive claims management that allows the insurance industry to transform from being process-driven to data-driven.

Sector: General

Its data-focused approach is revolutionising the way insurers interact with policyholders by providing all the necessary tools and information to make fast, transparent and empathetic claims decisions, while improving operational efficiency and reducing loss adjustment expenses, according to the company.

Headquartered in Berlin, with research partners in Barcelona and representations in the UK, France and the US, omni:us combines computer vision and natural language processing to unlock relevant information from highly variable insurance document streams.

Insurers can automatically detect outliers in price, labour costs and labour efforts stated on invoices, while AI can increase the number of processed data points on a claim, from an average of 10-15 to more than 100, at no extra cost. Data-intensive tasks such as invoicing and cost-estimating can be automated and claims managers have more data sources to help their decision-making.

The omni:us platform can be deployed within an existing insurance operating system without interfering with daily operations and processes.

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Founded: 2015


Intelligent Insurer