Premonition is an artificial intelligence (AI) company with a focus on insurtech with two unique value propositions.

Sector: General

According to the company, it has amassed the largest litigation database containing more than 87 percent of US litigation, as well as large databases in other countries (the UK, India, Canada, and Australia).

Second, Premonition has created a proprietary AI which calculates ‘Win Rates for Law’ for attorneys based on case attributes including the case type, jurisdiction and judge.

The database also indicates the average length of time it takes any particular attorney to resolve a case and compares that to other attorneys in the same geographic area handling the same type of case before the same judge. 

In addition, the database can show how many cases of the same type a particular attorney has handled, which is useful for both post court filed as well as pre-court filed claims. The tool is helpful for both claims and underwriting.

Headquarters: New York City, NY, US

Founded: 2014


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