Intelligent Insurer 2019 - Issue 2

Intelligent Insurer - Issue 2 2019


Everyone’s talking about cyber but are insurers facing up to the true extent of the risk yet? Experts in the industry talk candidly to Intelligent Insurer about how the industry is, or very much isn’t, grappling with the fifth theatre of warfare, particularly the large and infinitely complex risk of silent cyber. From the ongoing fallout from the NotPetya virus to fears of a ‘cyber hurricane’ and the potential risk that Russia or China could use their weapons grade cyber capabilities to take down a power grid or a cloud server, the threat is here now. 

For Issue 2, the II team also bagged exclusive interviews with industry veterans, Stephen Catlin, founder of the eponymous Catlin Group, and former Aon president Steve McGill, who both revealed their unique plans and motivations for returning to shake up the insurance market with new businesses.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got a special MGA report featuring our exclusive list of the top 60 MGAs in London, plus insight into what keeps this market thriving in a tough environment and top technology innovation in this area.

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