Intelligent InsurTECH Europe 2018 Video Interviews

Video interviews from some of the speakers at Intelligent InsurTECH Europe 2018 conference.

Brian Bacsu - DXC Technology 


Magdaelena Ramada Sarasola - Willis Towers Watson


David Clamp - Merlin Consulting


Todd Rissel - e2Value


Volker Muench - Allianz Global Corporate & Speciality 


Raphaël Caruso and Dan Cole - Oliver Wyman


Rupal Kantaria - Oliver Wyman & Sam White - Pukka Insurance


Romain De Maud'huy - Axa Partners 


David Hughes - Mulberry Risk


Alastair Speare-Cole - Fractal Industries


Mark Budd - Zurich


Ranvir Saggu - Blocksure

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