Rising Stars 2016


In keeping with our commitment to championing talent, we again profile 40 Rising Stars in this magazine, all under the age of 35, from various sections of the industry.

This list complements a ranking we published last year. We plan to maintain this ranking over the years and also track the progress of these individuals to see if their stars truly do rise as predicted.

The re/insurance industry has not historically been as attractive to young people as a career choice as other financial services sectors such as banking or fund management. But that is changing.

Alongside the change in capital structures, risk transfer mechanisms and the composition of profits that the industry has endured in recent years, another profound adjustment has been underway: the risk transfer industry has started becoming more attractive to younger people.

Yes, this is partly because of the failings and retraction of the banking sector in recent years, narrowing the options available to young, ambitious talent. But it has also been driven by the convergence of the traditional risk transfer sector with more dynamic areas of the capital markets and the industry simply doing a better job of selling itself to young people.

Their answers to the questions we asked in this report make interesting reading. The overall message seems to be that there has been a very distinct shift in perceptions of the industry and many young people increasingly see it as being one of opportunity and exciting career prospects.

It seems the industry does have an appeal that is sometimes underestimated. Flick through the following pages and decide for yourselves whether the industry has a dearth of talent or whether the future is truly bright.

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