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Closely monitoring key trends in the market has given AM Specialty Insurance Group a competitive edge.
Our mini-series on cyber forensics continues with insight and advice from four experts across the industry who came together for an Intelligent Insurer virtual panel discussion.
Companies need to tighten up their data storage practices and plan ahead for deletion, an Intelligent Insurer panel found.
In the rapidly evolving realm of cyber insurance claims, there’s a growing demand from insurers to forge partnerships with forensics experts, Anthony Hess, co founder of Asceris, tells Intelligent Insurer.
Changes in the admitted markets and Lloyd’s specifically have led to the rapid growth of the excess and surplus lines markets in the US—a phenomenon that is showing no sign of slowing, Jason Liu, chief executive of insurtech Zywave, tells Intelligent Insurer.
Lloyd’s remains central to the growth plans of many carriers targeting the Latin American region. Dawn Miller, Commercial Director, and Hank Watkins, Regional director and President, Americas, Lloyd’s, spoke to Intelligent Insurer.
Diverse, unpredictable and growing fast, the Latin American market offers no shortage of challenges for the insurance industry—but also a tremendous opportunity.

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Closely monitoring key trends in the market has given AM Specialty Insurance Group a competitive edge.
Incident response teams are already connected to insurers and law firms, bringing with them a wealth of resources, an Intelligent Insurer panel agreed.
Data is everywhere, just like bottled water, but we need to learn how to connect the dots. This is the view of Lou Botticelli, managing director of cyber & professional liability at Markel.
Identifying the right people in place before a cyber crisis takes place is crucial, as well as continuously testing an incident response plan, an Intelligent Insurer panel agreed.

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Closely monitoring key trends in the market has given AM Specialty Insurance Group a competitive edge.
Climate change means the nat cat protection gap will only grow—and parametric risk transfer products are gaining traction as a potential way of closing this gap.
In our special LatAm focus during March 2024, Intelligent Insurer will reflect on and review the highs and lows of this huge, opportunity-filled region, starting with this look back at the conference.
The risk transfer industry needs more capital—but ILS investors are interested only if returns reach more attractive levels that meet or exceed long-term target returns for risk assets, Dirk Lohmann, chairman of Schroders Capital ILS, told Intelligent Insurer.
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17 June 2024   It says cyber has the potential to become one of the largest lines in P&C insurance.
17 June 2024   A former Berkshire/AIG executive to lead both cyber and financial lines.
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