10 tips for meetings in Monte


10 tips for meetings in Monte

It’s a sweaty, crowded, merry-go-round of frantic consultations, negotiations and briefings, but meetings in Monte Carlo can have a happy ending if you follow these 10 golden rules.

Perhaps it’s because it is not really a conference in the true sense of the word—more a gathering of an entire industry—but few other business events or true conferences can match the Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous for its sheer intensity.

Stand for a moment in or near the Café de Paris around either the hour or half-hour mark pretty much any time during Monday and see what happens. Roughly half the smart-casually dressed business executives will scoop up their briefcases and bundles of papers and frantically start searching for their next appointment. They smile and look relaxed but negotiations being kick-started here are worth billions of dollars—there is also a hard edge to proceedings and an underbelly of tough negotiations.

The big problem is that no-one has the time for detailed or protracted meetings. This is just the start of a process that will conclude many months from now. These encounters are a strange mix of the superficial and practical—but often crammed into these intense 30-minute slots.

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