A catalyst for positive change


A catalyst for positive change


The re/insurance industry must attract and nurture young talent. Aon Inpoint sits at the centre of the evolution sweeping the industry, acting as a catalyst for positive change.

Peter Drucker, one of the founders of modern management and strategy theory, described learning as a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. In an industry such as ours, facing significant disruption from everything from big data and artificial intelligence through consolidation and new sources of capital all the way to the changing climate, this couldn’t be more vital.

Aon Inpoint sits at the centre of the change sweeping our industry. As a truly global advisory firm working with the world’s largest re/insurance firms we are a catalyst for positive change in the industry, constantly supporting our clients in addressing the biggest challenges facing their clients and their businesses.

Whether exploring market entry strategies, co-designing new client propositions or supporting the creation of entirely new markets such as cyber or intangible assets, Aon Inpoint helps our clients navigate change through our industry insights, problem-solving dexterity and our ability to make things happen. While backed by our industry-leading data and analytics capabilities, as an advisory firm our ability to deliver for our clients ultimately comes entirely down to our people.

Aon Inpoint’s People and Talent agenda treats the development of our team as a constant and evolving commitment. None of us is able to rest on our laurels as the world changes around us and yesterday’s achievements might have little value tomorrow. As a result we operate on the principle that growing our people is the key to growing our capabilities for our clients and ultimately our business.

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