A cedant's best friend


The London Market’s heritage and tradition can make it a complex and baffling world for cedants, especially when making a claim to recover their reinsurance assets.

Robert Kesselring, chairman of reinsurance asset collection firm Helix UK, explains what help is available to enable insurers to navigate the market.

London is the world’s oldest insurance market and, steeped in tradition as it is, the city has established a level of complexity that can make it difficult to navigate. It is an institution fundamentally built upon complex and historic personal relationships: something cedants must understand in order to operate effectively within it.

This is how Robert Kesselring, the chairman of Helix UK, a firm that helps cedants with their reinsurance recoveries, describes the market and the challenges cedants can face when dealing with it. “It is essential to build relationships,” he says. “Doing business in London requires interpersonal contact.”

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