A paradigm shift in the legal services industry


A paradigm shift in the legal services industry

Lawyers from Goldberg Segalla’s Global Insurance Services team tell Intelligent Insurer what’s broken in the legal services industry—and how their firm aims to fix it.

Ask anyone in the insurance and reinsurance market what keeps them awake at night, and the list is likely to be long. Governments, regulators, consumers, the courts—not to mention internal cost constraints—all bring their own brand of challenges at a time when claims disputes continue to rise, solvency concerns grow, and professionals increasingly find themselves the target of negligence claims.

But amid all this, have the law firms serving the market—the ones ostensibly hired to fix problems—become yet another source of pressure on the industry?

Lawyers at Goldberg Segalla say that has been the case for far too long, and they aim to turn things around.
“The insurance industry is facing unparalleled challenges,” says Clive O’Connell, who joined Goldberg Segalla to open its London office in 2012. “Nobody who works with the insurance industry can expect to be insulated from these challenges—least of all lawyers. We’ve looked at the challenges that affect our clients and we’ve looked at what we can do about the way we work to help our clients face those challenges.”

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