Ahead of the pack: The best in Europe


This data is based upon the responses of executives interviewed in one of the most wide ranging surveys of its kind. Here, we present the winners of the core categories covered in that process, based on the responses of executives based in Continental Europe.

The research that underpinned these awards—as well as our Global Awards held in Monte Carlo in September—was an enormous undertaking and probably one of the biggest surveys of its kind. Thousands of senior industry executives from all over the world took part in phone interviews and online surveys, to ensure that the data generated are of genuine use to the market.

In total, some 30 percent of respondents were based in Continental Europe, not including the UK. The figures here take into account the answers of these European respondents only, giving an interesting insight into which companies are the most highly regarded in Europe alone.

We have chosen to publish only the overall winners here. For more data from this process, we will be publishing a full research report.

Intelligent Insurer Global Awards, Europe, Reinsurance, Insurance

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