Are rates in the reinsurance sector beginning to cool?


Are rates in the reinsurance sector beginning to cool?

Robert Mazzuoli, ratings director of insurance EMEA, Fitch Ratings

The economy and the world’s markets are moving back to some semblance of normality. Fitch Ratings director for EMEA insurance, Robert Mazzuoli, gives Intelligent Insurer his view.

The beginning of the year is always a good time to sit back and take stock. Fitch Ratings decided to do just that, looking at the reinsurance market around its January renewals.

The firm, which published its findings in a report “January 2022 Reinsurance Renewals Mixed on Price Changes”, found a mixed picture. To talk about its myriad discoveries, Robert Mazzuoli, director for EMEA insurance, spoke with Intelligent, the website and digital hub for news, interviews, analysis and debate, about what it had learned, and what the company could predict.

Mazzuoli said the report was one of its regular series and was compiled by speaking with reinsurers and brokers. On top of this, the company layered its assessment. There were, said Mazzuoli, some interesting developments at the beginning of the year, that were quite distinct from one another.

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