Attract, motivate and tech proof your future workforce


Attract, motivate and tech proof your future workforce

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A new generation of workers represents the future for the re/insurance sector. Intelligent Insurer investigates some of the tactics being used by companies to ensure they attract, retain and motivate this generation.

Retaining talent has never been more complex, and the re/insurance industry has been forced to adapt quickly to satisfy the needs of a very different generation.

The new cohort of workers holds responsibility, communication and feeling valued as key priorities to a happy work environment, along with fl exibility, integration of technology and societal demands.

According to the 2019 Mercer Global Talent Trends survey, which collated responses from 7,300 respondents, made up of C-suite executives, human resources (HR) leaders and employees from 16 geographies and nine segmented industries, 32 percent of organisations are surveying their employees twice a year and 22 percent do it more regularly.

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