Back for a reason: interview with Brian Duperreault


Back for a reason: interview with Brian Duperreault

It would always have taken something special to convince Brian Duperreault to come out of retirement for a second time—but he believes he has found just that in Hamilton Insurance, as he explains to Intelligent Insurer.

After a remarkable career in insurance that has spanned more than 40 years and included spells running global brands such as ACE and Marsh & McLennan (MMC), Brian Duperreault could easily be forgiven for seeking an easier life now—reflecting on his achievements and enjoying his hard-earned wealth, perhaps.

Yet, as with many truly successful business leaders, retirement and Duperreault are not natural bedfellows. He has tried to retire several times—first he was lured back by MMC; this time it has been by a technology investment company that promises to deliver a new slant on an old industry.

Two Sigma Investments is a New York-based hedge fund that uses a variety of forms of technology including artificial intelligence, machine learning and distributed computing to inform and drive investment strategies. In a nutshell, it tries to remove the potential for human emotion and error from investment decisions, and it has been very successful employing this strategy so far.

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