Better together: the reinsurance case for developing a digital ecosystem


Better together: the reinsurance case for developing a digital ecosystem

Jerad Leigh, Supercede; Silvi Wompa Sinclair, Swiss Re

It’s time for the reinsurance industry to stop replicating the same work and start realising efficiencies in its use of data, says a new whitepaper from Supercede. Intelligent Insurer talked to some of those involved.

When reinsurance technology solutions provider Supercede published its whitepaper on open data, “Supercharging the reinsurance ecosystem” in November 2021, it took a novel approach. Rather than simply outline its vision of a digital future for the industry, it invited a range of voices from technology, insurance and modelling to contribute.

“It was an opportunity to highlight what we’re seeing around all of these companies coalescing to solve collective pain points,” Supercede co-founder and chief executive officer Jerad Leigh said in a video interview with, the digital hub for interviews, debates and panel discussions..

Leigh was joined by two of the other contributors to the paper: Silvi Wompa Sinclair, group head of portfolio underwriting for Swiss Re and an advisory panel member to insurance-focused venture capital fund Eos Venture Partners; and Karl Stanley, formerly VP of RenaissanceRe, and now busy with tech startup Redlake Technology, which is to focus on reinsurance analytics modelling.

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