Breaking down the hierarchy: why COVID-19 was a fillip for young talent


Breaking down the hierarchy: why COVID-19 was a fillip for young talent

Melissa Collett, CII, Sabrina Kruse, SCOR Global P&C, Charlotte Myers, Markel International & Fiona Temple, Lloyd’s Market Association

For all the devastation, the pandemic has brought opportunities when it comes to hiring and managing talent. As the crisis recedes, the industry must ensure they’re not lost, a Re/insurance Lounge panel discussed.

​​The last year has changed working practices across the economy, but as an industry that is sometimes slower than others to adopt new methods, the impact on insurance has been profound. But will it last?

To discuss the current and future challenges in managing talent, Intelligent Insurer’s online platform for interviews, debates and panel discussions, the Re/insurance Lounge, brought together a panel of industry experts:

​- Melissa Collett , professional standards director of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII);
- Sabrina Kruse, head of human resources (HR) for UK, Ireland and South Africa and global HR business partner at SCOR Global P&C;
- Charlotte Myers, head of technical training at Markel International; and
- Fiona Temple, HR & Academy director for the Lloyd’s Market Association.


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