Clarity in changing times: why Bermuda remains bullish in the aftermath of COVID-19


Clarity in changing times: why Bermuda remains bullish in the aftermath of COVID-19

Bermuda’s response to tackling the COVID-19 crisis and remaining open for business has shown the island’s worth to CEOs and investors, says Bermuda Development Agency CEO Roland Andy Burrows ahead of a webinar on the topic.

COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through the re/insurance industry, causing lasting changes to the way it operates on every level, from staff safety to underwriting. On July 22, the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) will be sponsoring an Intelligent Insurer and Bermuda Re+ILS webinar, Clarity in Changing Times: Bermuda’s Response to Tackling the COVID-19 Crisis and Remaining Open for Business, to explore Bermuda’s response, both as a jurisdiction and in terms of the re/insurance market.

“As a jurisdiction that plays an important role in many global industries, we felt it was incredibly important for our partners and clients in key markets around the world to have an opportunity to hear directly from Bermuda – from the government, our regulator and industry – to understand how we are handling the ongoing challenge of COVID-19, what it means for international business and what the future may hold,” says Roland Andy Burrows, chief executive officer at the BDA.

The webinar will address the key questions that industry players and investors with an interest in Bermuda are currently asking – so it will cover everything from the measures Bermuda has taken, from the government’s decision to designate financial services as essential, to the latest industry guidance issued to ensure business standards. It will also explore the challenges that remain and the opportunities that are emerging as the world adjusts to a new normal.

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