Clients come first


Clients come first

Greg Case, Aon's chief executive, explains to Intelligent Insurer the reasons behind the shift of address and why a more complex risk landscape is a good thing for brokers.

“I have been in London enough times to know to look right instead of left and to mind the gap. I expect to use my umbrella more than my snow boots, and because of Aon’s sponsorship of Manchester United, I now understand the distinction between overtime and extra time, and between the field and the pitch. So I think I am coping pretty well.”

That is how Greg Case, the chief executive officer of Aon, responds when asked how he is coping since transferring the headquarters of the broker to London from Chicago this year. Forget the humour, there was a lot more to the move than changing the address on the company’s headed paper. It was significant both given the history of Aon and for its future strategic plans.

Its carefully worded statements at the time said it wanted to be closer to Lloyd’s of London and the London Market—the two key international hubs for insurance and reinsurance. Given that Aon sees its future growth from international and emerging markets, it saw benefits in this proximity.

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