Closing the gap in insurance penetration


Florian Kummer is head of the reinsurance property & casualty underwriting hub for Latin America. He is responsible for leading the various underwriting teams serving Latin America region, as well as actively participating in the planning and execution of Swiss Re's High Growth Market strategy. He talks to Intelligent Insurer about this year's FIDES conference.

florian-kummer-swiss-re.jpgWhat will be the main talking points at FIDES?

"The FIDES conference offers the opportunity to look at the regional and global insurance sector from a broader perspective and to discuss with our clients not only the state of the cycle and the next renewal, but also major mid- to long-term risk trends and growth opportunities.  The insurance industry in Latin America continues to be characterized by very high growth rates; but it is also undergoing profound changes which are often unperceived. If you drill down into these aggregate growth numbers you will see below the surface that exposures are developing and changing very quickly as the region's economies are evolving and are more integrated in the world economy and its societies are becoming predominantly middle class. The key strategic challenge will be how we can help our clients to seize the opportunities in a strongly growing, but also profoundly changing marketplace, which at the same time is highly competitive. We need to find an answer to this question if we want to remain relevant to our clients in the future. In my opinion, being successful in Latin America's high parameter risk environment takes more than just capacity; it requires above all profound expertise"

 To what extent are the markets in Latin America being influenced by wider global trends in reinsurance?

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