Cometh the hour


Cometh the hour

At a time of greatly disruptive change in the risk transfer industry, TigerRisk Partners has a once-in-a-career opportunity to redefine the broker model and create something special, Rod Fox, its chief executive, tells Intelligent Insurer.

Rod Fox has never quite fitted the model of a stereotypical reinsurance broker. His energy, enthusiasm and willingness to tear up the rule book in search of new solutions and innovation always meant he was somewhat at odds with an industry built around tradition and conventions in so many ways.

His energies helped shape large parts of the reinsurance brokerage landscape. Ted Blanch harnessed his skills at EW Blanch. During his time at Benfield, Fox’s relentless drive helped the company complete a series of high profile industry transactions, which grew the UK-based broker’s US operations tenfold.

When he formed TigerRisk Partners in 2008 along with another industry veteran Jim Stanard, few seriously doubted the venture’s long-term success, given the complementary skillsets and pedigree of its founders. But what they perhaps could not have foreseen was the extent to which the industry would start to change rapidly in the years ahead—and the way in which what it needs from brokers would change.

Rod Fox, TigerRisk, North America

Intelligent Insurer