COVID, climate change, and the changing face of business travel


COVID, climate change, and the changing face of business travel

Paul Schultz, CEO, Aon Securities; Steve Chirico, director, AM Best, John Huff, CEO, ABIR

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an abrupt shift in how we work, but how will markets operate once global restrictions end? Senior executives from Aon Securities, ABIR and AM Best joined Intelligent Insurer to discuss the future of business travel for the industry.

After some 18 months cooped up in home offices, kitchen tables and modified sheds, the re/insurance world could be forgiven for longing for the return of business travel to pre-pandemic times.

The industry is built on relationships and international cooperation, and those who have been in the market for some time have a wealth of lanyards, plane tickets and nametags to demonstrate their attendance at the biggest and best events.

However, the pandemic has markedly changed the re/insurance world, with the mass shift to remote work prompting fundamental questions about how, and even if, the industry should return to its globetrotting ways once restrictions are fully lifted.

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