D&I: the Lloyd’s outlook


D&I: the Lloyd’s outlook

Lloyd’s diversity, inclusion and wellbeing manager Monica Stancu discussed making insurance more attractive as a career option and data-driven diversity strategies with Intelligent Insurer.

As London’s re/insurance centre, Lloyd’s has a bird’s-eye view of the market and its slow but progressing diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts. Monica Stancu, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing manager at Lloyd’s, has an overview of the landscape and what more needs to be done across the industry.

“We’ve seen organisation making a lot more progress in this space but there’s still quite a lot to be done, and mobilising leaders is a crucial element in your D&I journey,” said Stancu, during an Intelligent Insurer interview on D&I in the re/insurance industry.

She added: “Leaders set the tone, they set the priorities and they model behaviours we want to see from everybody in the organisations.”

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