Deposing King Coal - the ESG future for re/insurance


Claire Churchard

Deposing King Coal - the ESG future for re/insurance

European re/insurers are leading the charge towards forcing the eventual abdication of 'king' coal. How successful will the industry be in toppling the age-old monarch of fossil fuels, and why are climate campaigners still frustrated? Intelligent Insurer investigates.

"The insurance industry is driving the development towards more sustainable economies and it's a trend that is likely to continue." Ernst Rauch, chief climatologist at Munich Re.

· European /reinsurers lead the way on coal exit policies
· Regulators, investors and public show increasing focus on carbon emissions
· Large US insurers still support the coal sector
· Divesting from coal is 'just the start' as other fossil fuels come under the spotlight

The pressure to move away from coal is growing as the reality of climate change proves undeniable. Some re/insurers are heeding the warnings but others continue to bury their heads in the tar sands.

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