Differences of opinion


Construction and engineering represent the backbone of most countries’ economic growth. But underpinning this is the myriad of insurance and reinsurance contracts covering the risks that the sector faces.

In June, Swiss intermediary Reunion AG held a roundtable to discuss some of the finer points of these risks, including notable differences in the terms and conditions used in different policies.

On June 9 and 10, Reunion AG, a new Swiss reinsurance intermediary with a focus on non-life business in Central and Eastern Europe, including Russia and CIS countries, hosted the Reunion Engineering Insurance Roundtable in Munich on the subjects of engineering insurance in Russia. Insurers from across the region attended as did a number of global reinsurers including Munich Re, Swiss Re and PartnerRe.

The broker said it organised the event partly because it felt a forum of all those involved in this sector would be beneficial to all, and partly because it felt that any county’s development is underpinned by the strength of its construction and engineering sector—this, in turn, is underpinned by the insurance contracts that underpin those contracts and deals.

Russia, Reunion, Munich Re, Swiss Re, Partner Re

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