Empathy and checking your privilege can help drive improvement


Empathy and checking your privilege can help drive improvement

A panel of experts explain why greater diversity and inclusion in the London Market is important and say that box-ticking won’t cut it if you want to see the benefit on your bottom line. Hear more from the Intelligent Insurer Re/insurance Lounge panel.

“Leaders looking at D&I may not be asking the right questions in the first place or challenging ourselves in the right way.” Elisha St Hilaire, Aon.

· When people don’t feel included "they have gone to other industries and other sectors"
· Privilege isn’t about what you’ve been through, it’s about what you haven’t been through
· Lloyd’s and the London Market "aren’t doing themselves any favours" by not being willing to challenge themselves and look at difficult things
· D&I is generally a tag for anyone who is not "a white, straight, middle class, cis, able-bodied man"

With the business benefits of diversity and inclusion well documented, how do leaders go about asking the right questions and addressing uncomfortable truths?

A greater awareness of privilege, the challenges faced by marginalised groups and recognition that those in positions of power do not have all the answers on diversity and inclusion (D&I) all formed part of a passionate panel discussion titled “Talent and diversity in the London Market”.

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