The Banking Report 2011: Enabling the flow


Cash is king in the insurance sector—not simply how much you have but how quickly you can move it around and access it. Intelligent Insurer examines how insurers and reinsurers get the best from using corporate banking services.

It is essential for any business to have effective corporate banking services at its disposal. But while insurers and reinsurers require the same basic services as any other business, banks will often tailor their corporate banking services to meet the specific needs of their insurance clients.

“While our corporate services are available to a wide variety of industries, our approach has always been to deliver to the client’s need, rather than to drive an internal product agenda,” says Pinar Kocayusufpasaoglu, head of insurance sector, client coverage, fi nancial institutions UK at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).

“In our approach to other industries, as well as insurance, we have specialist people, including relationship managers and product partners, who understand the dynamics and requirements of the sectors we cover. We will always try to adapt to the needs of that sector.”

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Intelligent Insurer