Eye of the storm


Eye of the storm

Windstorm is the most damaging peril in Europe, yet details of its frequency and severity are largely unknown. Following a year of windstorms in Europe which resulted in substantial losses, Intelligent Insurer asks whether the industry was prepared for 2013’s storms and if the frequency of these events is likely to grow.

The year of the flood, as 2013 has been branded, recorded some of the worst flooding that Europe has experienced, with losses reaching billions of dollars for isolated events. Many of the worst incidents were caused by some of the frequent windstorms that swept through the continent.

"The slowing of the polar jetstream is making it swing further north and south, and these fluctuations will impact future weather patterns." Clement Booth

Impact Forecasting, Catastrophe, Europe, Radovan Drinka, Eduard Held, PERILS, Clement Booth, Allianz, Carmen Bell, Jonathan Meagher, Adam Podlaha

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