Getting in on the act


Getting in on the act

Yet more re/insurers have sought to participate in the rapidly growing ILS market by forming their own vehicles capable of helping to connect investors and reinsurance-based products.

There has been no shortage of insurers and reinsurers in recent months keen to form their own vehicles able to leverage the vast amounts of alternative capacity now entering the market. Having formed them, they are often hitting the road in an effort to explain them to investors (both would-be and their own) and raise capital and deals.

XL’s executives were busy at Monte Carlo this year talking to clients and investors about its new joint venture with Stone Point Capital, a new Bermuda-based company revealed in July that will act as an investment manager in insurance-linked securities (ILS) and other reinsurance capital markets products.

When operations are fully commenced, the focus of the company will be on ILS and index-linked products as well as on XL-designed reinsurance products. The parties intend to invest up to an aggregate of $135 million in funds to be formed, alongside potential third party investors.

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