How are you perceived by your peers?


How are you perceived by your peers?

As the final interviews for the Intelligent Insurer 2014 Global Reinsurance Research Report draw to a close, interest in the research and its findings is growing. Here, we explain the rationale behind the research and why many in the market view it as useful.

The 2014 Global Reinsurance Research Report details the data and findings of a four-month long comprehensive research project into the reinsurance industry conducted by the Intelligent Insurer Market Research team between January and April 2014. It builds on the findings and knowledge base established in the 2013 report but takes things to another level again.

As this issue went to press, around 1,000 executives had been interviewed or submitted responses giving us more than 25,000 unique data points regarding companies and individuals across the sector globally.

2014 Global Reinsurance Research Report, Intelligent Insurer

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