How re/insurers can meet their data challenges


How re/insurers can meet their data challenges

Aydin Betez, CPO; Jerad Leigh, co-founder & CEO, Supercede

Aydin Betez was a high flyer at Willis Re. But then Supercede came calling. He spoke to Intelligent Insurer about his career move and the way forward.

It takes a lot to move from a comfortable and safe position in an established, secure firm to working for a startup. Usually, the career shift is in the opposite direction: a few years employed by a new firm and, once that time has come to an end, a move to a more-established workplace.

Not for Aydin Betez, chief product officer at Supercede, who joined the Re/insurance Lounge, our on-demand platform for interviews and panel discussions with industry leaders, to talk about his own career move. When he spoke in September to Intelligent Insurer, he had been in the role for only a few weeks.

“Willis Re was a great company and I enjoyed my time there,” said the reinsurer’s former chief technical officer, “but the opportunity to help this sector more widely across the value chain was, for me, the underlying reason for wanting to join Supercede.”

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