ILS hits full capacity


ILS hits full capacity / 3dmentat

The pipeline of ILS products hit a record high at the midpoint of the year, according to Paul Schultz, CEO of Aon Securities.

The insurance linked securities (ILS) market hit its stride in the first half of 2017, with various ILS products being issued at a rapid rate.

“We’ve seen a tremendous pipeline of ILS products come through during the first half of the year, and we reached an all-time high for annual issuance by the mid-point of 2017,” says Paul Schultz, CEO of Aon Securities.

“The current full year issuance record was set in 2014, when around $8.2 billion of bonds were brought to market, and we are already ahead of that figure by the end of June, which shows that we’ve had a tremendous first half of 2017 in terms of activity.”

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