ILS market levelling off and maturing


ILS market levelling off and maturing

Darren Woolridge /

As the end of the year approaches and Monte Carlo recedes into the background, Paul Schultz, chief executive officer at Aon Securities takes a look at where the ILS market currently stands.

“For the first time in probably four years alternative capital really wasn’t the primary theme [at Monte Carlo],” he told Intelligent ILS “Instead, it seemed to me that the primary theme was around growth. Pretty much every client was talking about what they wanted to do in terms of their agenda for growth.

“Obviously M&A is a tool for growth, so there was a fair amount of discussion around the recent [M&A] announcements and what might unfold. But most important, it was about how do we, as an industry, get back to a growth agenda, so at Monte Carlo we were looking at how do we help clients solve problems, and how do we identify growth opportunities, and as a part of that there were some M&A discussions.


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