Improving the use of data and risk analysis: Verisk


Improving the use of data and risk analysis: Verisk

Tom Payne, managing director & UK/European operations head, Verisk Underwriting

Verisk Underwriting has a long history in insurance and it is using this to help insurers make the best decisions and apply the most thorough analysis. Intelligent Insurer reports.

It seems that each week another new company enters the sector, proclaiming that its services are the next big thing. Given how conservative insurance tends to be, the capacity of any one firm to make a dent in this industry must surely be limited.

But there are others with more of a history. One is Verisk Underwriting, from which Tom Payne, the managing director for the UK and Europe, joined Intelligent Insurer for an interview in the Re/insurance Lounge.

When Payne spoke with Intelligent Insurer in early November, he was closing in on two years with the firm, having joined as its head of UK and European operations in April 2019, rising to become managing director at the beginning of 2020. Previously, he worked for Lloyd’s Market Association as its market operations director and for Minova Insurance as its group IT director, following stints at Cooper Gay and Lloyd’s.

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