Interview: Antonio Huertas, Mapfre - reaping the rewards of change


Interview: Antonio Huertas, Mapfre - reaping the rewards of change

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Spanish insurer Mapfre took some tough decisions last year—and also underperformed, according to its chief executive. Now, it wants to reap the rewards of these changes as well as its diversification to move into a new chapter, Antonio Huertas, chairman and CEO, tells Intelligent Insurer.

After a tough period in terms of the company’s performance that included a restructuring of parts of its business, Mapfre is betting on technology and further geographical diversification to deliver a positive future for the company—as it also admits its reinsurance unit has limited growth potential.

Candid and unflinching, Antonio Huertas, the chairman and chief executive officer of the Spanish insurer, admitted at the company’s annual general meeting in Madrid in March that last year was not as good as it could have been.

“In hindsight, there are things we could have done better,” Huertas said.

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