Interview with Stephen Catlin on his dramatic return


Interview with Stephen Catlin on his dramatic return

Stephen Catlin, chairman and chief executive officer, Convex

Unenthusiastic about retirement and unfettered from his obligations to XL, Stephen Catlin has returned to the market in dramatic fashion. Here, he tells Intelligent Insurer the real motivation behind launching his new venture Convex, what will set it apart and why his timing is perfect.

The list of re/insurance executives who might be considered to have shaped the very fabric and structure of the market they operate in is a select one, yet Stephen Catlin would indeed make such a list, certainly in the London Market. 

Perhaps it is because for a long time he remained one of the few true entrepreneurs in modern times to have succeeded in retaining a large ownership stake in one of the market’s biggest syndicates. Catlin sat apart from those who had climbed the ladder of corporate life, in more ways than one he could always say what he wanted to say unencumbered by the politics and restraints of corporate speak. And people always listened.

When he sold Catlin Group to XL in 2015, he became a little more restrained for a while. But not that restrained he still made his thoughts on key issues such as rates and the soft market abundantly clear. And people listened then as well.

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